Legal Rap: A Look at Neighborhood Legal Services, Super for Contractors, and More

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Do contractors get super, what’s the deal? Superannuation for contractors, it’s something to consider, don’t be a quitter, understand the nitty-gritty and make your money pretty.

Got a 50 50 business partnership, need an agreement? Don’t worry, we got the template for you, no need to be blue, legal templates that fit like a shoe.

Forensic and legal psychology, Marymount University got the key, expert insights in a field that excites, learn and grow, let your knowledge flow.

Need a sample legal document, you’re in luck, free templates and examples, no need to wrinkle, get your legal paper to sprinkle.

Do you have to sign a separation agreement, it’s a big deal, legal expert advice is nice, don’t roll the dice, make sure your rights are precise.

Thinking of using Kickstarter to start a business, it could be fine, but first, you need to know the legal considerations, don’t make rash decisions, get the information for precision.

AML rules and regulations in the UK, where do I begin? Avoid legal troubles and stay on track, don’t be slack, follow the rules and avoid the hacks.

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